Sellers earn 70%!


Volunteer and earn up to 80% and have your

seller fee refunded 


               There is a $10 consignor fee required when creating your consignor account.

        You will be redirected to Paypal after you read the seller agreement.

            You will see a link in the seller agreement if you prefer to pay by check .



Wed March 27 4PM-6PM


Consignors and Volunteers ONLY for the Presale.

Sell your children's new and gently pre-owned clothing & shoes, toys , sports equipment,

baby equipment and more at 1/3 or more of the retail price.

You can sell almost anything related to children!


                 Clothing: Current in-style quality Spring/Summer clothing is sizes newborn to size 20.

                                              Junior sizes are NOT accepted.

                                              Limit 0-9 months to 60 items per gender.


                             Shoes: Only new and like-new shoes (up to size 7) will be accepted.

                                          LIMIT to 10 per GENDER. (no dirty shoes please)


                             Baby equipment and accessories:

                                 Strollers, Pack 'n plays, swings, bouncy seats, bumbos (with straps)

                                 Blankets, hats, bibs , bottles, baby slings, baby carriers and hair bows

                                 Burp cloths, socks, lap pads, etc.

                                 Receiving blankets , crib sheets


                              Infant and Children's bedding:

                                  Nursery Decor

                                  Bedding and bedroom accessories


                              Toys:  No stuffed animals unless they move, talk or a popular character.

                                          Batteries must be included.


                              Mommy Gear: Maternity Clothing (limit 10 of your best)

                                    Nursing pillows (boppies) and covers, nursing aids

                                    Baby monitors

                                    Diaper bags

                                    Parenting and Pregnancy books


                              Sports Equipment and accessories:

                                      Balls, bats, gloves, cleats, pads, skates, helmets, rackets, etc.


       This is just some of the items we suggest to bring. Feel free to bring other items related to children. Please ask if you are unsure on what to bring!



     Unsold Item Pick-up:

      Sunday March 31, 2024


Any items not picked up by 4:01 will be donated!

 Drop-off appointments:

Sun 3/24/24, Mon 3/25/24, & Tues 3/26/24

Please remember to schedule your drop-off time! 

This can be done once you sign in with your consignor number.

Consignors Must have a drop-off appointment and Must run on time.

Afternoon times fill quickly so schedule ASAP to get the time you need.


System Shut Down is Monday March 25 at 6AM!

Make sure all items are entered into the tagging system at this time.

You may still print tags after 3/25/24 at 6AM but you will not be able to add more items or make changes to your current tags.

Please do NOT write on your tags!

Any items with handwritten tags will be rejected.

If you decide to make changes to the item after the tag is printed please log-in to your inventory to make the change then reprint your tag.

If the tagging system has closed then you will be unable to make any changes.



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