Acceptable items

  • Current in-style Spring/Summer quality Clothing & Shoes in sizes newborn to 20.  

  • Jeans and Khaki pants are accepted at all our events.

Limit 300 TOTAL items.  Email us at to lift your limit.  There is a $10 fee each time you need to increase the limit.

Limit 0-9 months to 60 items per gender.

  • Maternity Clothes - limit 10 of your best.
  • Shoes – must include laces and must be clean.  Limit 10 per gender.  Sizes newborn - 7.
  • Baby Items, Diapers, Infant Onesies and Feeding Accessories, etc.
  • Clean, working toys with all parts included; battery-powered toys MUST INCLUDE WORKING BATTERIES. Please do NOT bring small plastic toys or prizes from fast-food meals.
  • No Stuffed animals unless they are a popular character
  • Books, DVDs, CDs (NO VHS TAPES)
  • Home school curriculum
  • Baby strollers, pack-in-play
  • Game systems and games, such as Play Station, Nintendo, Wii, DS, etc.
  • Outdoor play equipment; please clean before dropping off
  • Sporting equipment – Clean, please!
  • Strollers
  • Outdoor and Indoor Toys
  • Children's Decor
  • Children's Games, Books, Puzzles, etc
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Purses for girls
  • Book bags & lunch boxes
  • Baby Food and Formula: Must be sealed and not expired
  • Helmets

Not Accepted

  • Cribs, Cradles, Bassinets, Toddler Beds (must go through safety standards, maybe at a future sale)
  • Car Seats, Booster Seats ( must go through safety standards, maybe at a future sale)  
  • Large items such rockers , changing tables, gliders, ottomans(space is limited)
  • Furniture
  • Clothes with stains, tears and excessive wear
  • Tee shirts from schools (not in the area - we will accept local schools), churches or camps or with a date (Ex. Daytona 2009 t-shirt)
  • Used underwear (You can only bring underwear that is in an unopened package)
  • Stuffed animals (Unless a popular character)
  • Toys or puzzles that do not have all the pieces and/or working batteries
  • Small, plastic fast food type toys
  • Recalled items

It is not uncommon for stains to be more visible under our fluorescent lights than they are under typical home lighting. You are welcome to rewash any items we decline due to stains and bring them back for sale.



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